Office of the HOD


  • To provide visionary and strategic leadership in all areas of delivery.
  • To ensure the efficient and effective management and administration of the Department.
  • To ensure that all learners receive quality basic education and training.


  • Establish and maintain an effective and efficient education system.
  • Manage effective and efficient communication services.
  • Render a comprehensive legal service.
  • Establish sound internal auditing, risk management and anti-corruption practices.
  • Establish and maintain integrated governance practices.
  • Enforce the implementation of information security practices across the Department.
  • Enforce the application of DISTRICT integration (Departmental NEPAD).
  • Manage the effective and efficient provisioning of professional and DISTRICT services.
  • Manage the effective and efficient provisioning of corporate services.
  • Perform the functions of the Accounting Officer as defined by the PFMA.
  • Enforce the improvement of education standards.

Tel:  018 388 3429/3432/3404
Fax: 018 388 3430