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MEC Sello Lehari inspecting whether the contractor is in line with construction

The North West Education and Sport Development MEC, Sello Lehari kick-started the unique campaign which will take officials out of their offices called Re Bona Ka Matlho on Thursday, 27 July 2017 at Kopela Village.

The purpose of the campaign is to monitor progress in all the construction work taking place across the province in the building of schools and on sport facilities. The campaign is going to assist the department to observe and avoid sub-standard work from the contractors.

MEC Lehari in support of the Villages, Township and Small Dorpies concrete started with the campaign at Kopela Village wherein three different contractors are on site at Ramokonyane Secondary, Noto Secondary and Kelebogile Primary building the three schools.

Lehari accompanied by the Infrastructural officials they visited the three schools, wherein they checked whether the contractors were doing what was agree upon on the contract. They also checked whether their progress was in line with the time-frame set for the schools.

The North West Education and Sport Development MEC, Sello Lehari emphasized that contractors should stay at site for the period agreed upon with the department and finish the job.

“Today we are on the ground monitoring construction work and we moving from one class to the other. This is part of the Re bona ka matlho campaign in which we want to roll-out across the department. We are going to monitor each and every project in this department; we are going to hold accountable those contractors who are not working according to their contracts with the department. Contractors should stay on site for an agreed upon period with the department meaning they should finish the task at hand and vacate”, said MEC Lehari.

MEC Lehari further said that, in January 2018 those three schools should be completed so that learners can be able to utilise them.